Information Technology Solutions @ PACG

PACG's IT Solutions practice assists in building the Information Technology Systems of your organisation.

Areas of Service Include:

Systems Integration / Designing

PACG's consultants guide decision-makers through the maze of hardware, software and network alternatives. We help identify, coordinate, and implement the components that combine into a seamless IT solution that best meets our clients' business challenges.

Our consultants work with you to deliver an integrated system that:

- Addresses all your operational issues

- Reduces overall project cost and mitigates project risk

IT Security Solutions

Confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability of information are critical to your business. The very information on which success is built can, in the wrong hand, result in financial loss or other adverse consequences. Similarly, the loss of timely access to information can seriously affect work and productivity, hence your customer service. In the world of automation, your customers expect immediate response and accurate information.

E-Commerce Security Solutions

We assist you with improving your IT capabilities to address your security risks. Our services range from assessment, to testing and validation, to solution development and integration. In addition, we offer incident response, information recovery, and restoration services. A robust E-Commerce infrastructure is founded on availability, reliability, trust, security, and controls that enable you to deliver on your E-Commerce strategy. Our E-Commerce services will help you build or enhance your E-Commerce infrastructure to effectively address these fundamental issues.

Other Services

- E-Commerce / Internet-based Solutions

- Internet Infrastructure Designing

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